Why Beh Company

John Beh and Beh Company can leverage the combination of research technology and significant industry experience.

We bring efficiency and knowledge to the table.
Beh Company has an alliance with Retirement Plan Advisory Group giving us robust resources through which we can help make the benchmarking process more efficient for you and help you keep your plan in compliance with changing federal regulations and ERISA requirements.  Have us perform a plan review to help you ensure that your benefits program performs and doesn't become a liability for your company.

We help you manage your risk.
Without the right preparation,  financial losses can be difficult to recover from. Beh Company helps you prepare for and manage potential losses.

We offer services to help you maintain your compliance.
Beh Company provides support and resources to help you keep your plan in compliance with changing federal regulations and ERISA requirements. We can perform a plan review to help you ensure that your benefits program performs—and doesn't become a liability to your company. 

We work to earn your trust—year in, year out.
Beh Company is accountable, flexible, and transparent. We understand that continuous improvement is a process—not a one-time event. We put all our resources behind today's decisions to help lead you toward tomorrow's success. 

Beh Company delivers comprehensive financial strategies.

Beh Company and LPL Financial are not affiliated with Retirement Plan Advisory Group.

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